**Hey there! We are no longer accepting applications for this position. If you already applied, you should expect to hear from us very, very soon. If you did not apply for this role but are interested in working with Finji in the future, please keep an eye on the Finji twitter account.

Thank you!**



It's me, your friendly neighborhood Adam Saltsman, director and co-founder of Finji, a hybrid game developer (Overland, Canabalt) and publisher (Night in the Woods, Wilmot's Warehouse, Tunic, Chicory) located in Grand Rapids, MI. We are ready to hire an art director to help us make our next project.

This is a paid, full-time, salaried position that includes health care, a home equipment budget, and relocation assistance. We would strongly prefer to hire someone who is able and willing to relocate to the Grand Rapids area before the end of the year. You would be designing all the characters and creatures for our next project, as well as helping to plan the environments and creating both in-game and external/marketing 2D assets, including buttons, logos, and so on. Finji works with a diverse set of collaborators and folks from under-represented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

We will be accepting applications until Monday, March 15th, 2021.

The Game

This is the part of the posting where normally we would include a bunch of information about the game you'd be working on... but we can't do that yet. Thank you for understanding!

The Job

This position would begin with a one month work-for-hire contract (April 1 to May 1) before being able to hire for the salaried role.

Contract Period Responsibilities

We anticipate being able to improve and refine these elements throughout the project, but are hoping to jumpstart that process while we get to know each other.

Full Position Responsibilities